Nickname: Franck
Country: France - Role: Artist
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I have long srtrolls in Dombes, a ponds area near my place in Lyon, or the banks of Loire river and Rhône river...and every place of France or Europe where the wind can bring me. I skecth and take photographies that i use later in my studio. One could says that i'm close to asiatic painting, it's actualy my natural own way of painting : you ll'never replace pleasure in watercolour painting, a dialog between water, paper,  short and long while...a joyfull and risky cocktail ! I entertain a close relation with calligraphy : a lady one day told me that i was « writing birds », i only try to talk about vivacity and energy in wildlife.

This liveliness is shared by watercolor, and if i go further than my animals items sometimes, rythm of life is always here.

I exhibit nowadays in various art or nature events in France and abroad.
Graduated from french art school in Dijon in the late eighties, i have also been curator for Lyon city council during 7 years. Im president of Ateliers Nabis, a shared space for artists residency and art events. I'm also dealing with Papiers7 Association that organises exhibitions in my county, member of french watercolor society (SFA), Colors Elsewhere association and Fitma ( Tsai mo artists from Taiwan). 

I'm author of "Haiku", a short book of illustrated poems in association with the spanish artist Alba Escayo (not available) and the illustrated book entitled "Plumitif", gathering my artworks, sketches and poems i wrote (Lulu)

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