Dr Madhumeeta Banerjee

Nickname: Madhumeeta
Country: India - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist

I am a Medical Professional ,a Professor and a passionate watercolorist. I love vibrant colours and love to paint portraits and flowers. My artworks usher in positivity,faith,beauty love and blessings, Many of my Artworks have been selected and exhibited in international forums like IWS.I am constantly striving to improve my art by practising consistently,studying,attending workshops and courses. I am an Art Educator and Entrepreneur actively engaged in sharing my knowledge and conducting watercolour quality enhancing courses.l love and promote watercolours as it is soul enriching and inspiring and brings peace ,harmony and joy in peoples lives.

My future plan is to establish a dedicated art gallery,

introduce a unique,doable mastery course in watercolours for aspiring artists,

collaborate and provide a platform where artists can exhibit and sell their artworks and earn substantially, and

attend and conduct international art seminars and workshops n art retreats.

Asian Beauty, India East Zone

Spiritual connect, India East


Title- Gracefully Green, size- 38*56cm. The Himalayan beauty draped in greens of different textures says it with an innocence smile ' Green is never enough'

Title: Blessed, Size- 38*56cm, Mother is a creator, healer and protector. There is an earthly mother and divine mother. Behind every earthly mother there is a divine mother blessing in all human beings.

Title:”Destiny moulding”size:38*56cm

Title: “Ageless Grace”.size:36*51cm.I have captured the beauty and Grace of an age lined face,liquid brown eyes full of love and compassion,a gentle smile as if blessing the viewer,wrapped in a myriad coloured enchanting head scarf

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