Daria Kamishanova

Nickname: Daria
Country: Portugal - Role: Artist

Hi everybody! My name is Daria. I am a watercolor artist. 


I don't have an academic education, but I am constantly and actively studying the theory of painting and drawing, attending painting schools, off-line and online workshops of famous artists of different countries. 


In May 2022, I left Russia for Armenia, where I am working and living now. 


One of my most favorite topics is people in the moment of life. Whether it's a couple in a cafe, a merchant in a shop, tourists on a rest stop or even street musicians. 


I use the Ala-prima watercolor technique without trying to achieve photographic similarity, giving the materials the opportunity to show their unique characters.

The sky over Yerevan


Iliya (son)

Thelonius Monk


white rose

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