Kate Grishakova

Nickname: Soul of Earth
Country: Slovakia - Role: Artist

My name is Kate Grishakova. I am a Slovak artist. I create vivid, bright paintings in impressionist style. In 2022 I became Co-Representative of International Watercolor Society in Slovakia. Main motifs of my art are world around me and my happy emotions. Trough my paintings I reflect my boundless love for people and life.

I was born 21 November 1994. I started to paint as a child. I definitely can say, that I do it whole my life! My favourite art materials are oil colours and watercolours, but also I paint with oil pastels, gouache, pencils, acrylics and craft things.
I studied painting in Art School for 8 years. I made my diploma thesis on the topic «Project of Art School Gallery in Bratislava» and now realised it!

I travel a lot and I am always on the search for something beautiful, lively and transcendent. For me the meaning of life is life itself, in its uniqueness and unpredictability. I try to capture moment of beauty so I take paints and paper with me and create on plein air.

Now I work as a freelance artist and teach people how to paint in my own studio in Bratislava.


2022, 2021 Fabriano International Watercolor Art Festival, Italy
2022 Group exhibition and Award in Zichy Palace, Bratislava
2021 Solo exhibition «Colors around you», Gallery F7, Bratislava
2020 Solo exhibition «Sea of Memories», Carlton Savoy Art Gallery, Bratislava
2019 Solo exhibition «My places», Cafe Lampy, Bratislava
2019 Solo exhibition «Moments of Happiness», Cafe Scherz, Bratislava
2019 Solo exhibition «Follow my dreams», Office Gallery Kerametal Bratislava
and many other solo and group exhibitions

Koala. 38x56 cm

It's always sunny in Fabriano


Venice, 46 x 61 cm

Bratislava, 30x30 cm

Underwater world, 38x56 cm

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