Jolanta Rikveile Mourinha

Nickname: Jolanta R. Mourinha
Country: Portugal - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist

I have been drawing and painting ever since I can remember.

I started my artistic education in Latvia, where I was born, when at the age of 12 entered Madona Art school for Children and Youngsters. I continued to learn the drawing and painting in Portugal where I have been living for the past 15 years.

For 9 years I was studyng drawing in The National Society of Fine Arts in Lisbon, Portugal. Meanwhile also started to develop my skills in painting, first with oil colors and then with aquarelle. Lately painting mostly in aquarelle.

Have been succesfully participating in national painting and drawing contests since 2015, having received several prizes and honorable mentions. Have had several expositions, both personal and collective in Latvia, Germany and Portugal.

What I like to paint most of all is nature. Nature has a beauty that no human can imitate. Inspired by this beauty I try to pass it over to paper through brushes and colors in impressionist style because like that the work is "breathing" and comes to life...

Morning walk in Lisbon

The morning walk

Winter, 38x56, 2022

Winter morning in Madona (Latvia) 35x46, 2021

Tomar, 38x56, 2022

Winter afternoon in Lisbon, 38X56, 2020

Lisbon Zoo, 38x56, 2018

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