Masahiro Okayama

Nickname: Masahiro
Country: Japan - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2024 Artist


I aim to create an expression in which “colors that explain shapes” and “shapes that explain colors” are equally assertive.

I want people to feel fun, fear, melancholy, and different emotions from the combination of gradual color changes and rhythmic color plane changes.
I believe that the gentle, gradual gradation of colors and the pleasant arrangement of large and small, hard-edged colored surfaces are the essence of stimulating people's sensibilities.

In addition to the combination of these gradations and color changes, by applying the minimum necessary shapes that are associated with the inorganic man-made structures of the city, nature of the earth, mountains, trees, and people's daily lives to the work. I believe that the stimulus to the sensibility will be amplified and conveyed more clearly.
I’d like to give minimal explanation that satisfies people's satisfaction without contradicting the impression of the shape that we all have in common.




Oct.2018:  Retired from the company where I work. I started watercolor as painting as a hobby.

2019-2022:  I practiced painting landscapes and portraits with friends.With frieds such  as "Japan Sunday Painters Association","Toyonaka Painting Club""The Friends of Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts","LaVie","Ha!chan's Workshop"

During that time,I applied to several public competitions,was selected for some, and was able to win some prizes.

Apr.2021:  Transferred to Kyoto Universitty of the Arts Corrspondence Course as 3rd year student.

Mar.2023:  Graduated from Kyoto University of the Arts correspondence course



2022.11 Title: Cold (91×72.8cm/F30)

2022.8 Title:Airport (53×45.5cm/F10)

2022.8 Title: Promenade 56x38 cm

2023.9 Title: Downtown 56x38 cm

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