Olga Zachepilo

Nickname: Olga Zachepilo
Country: Russia - Role: Artist

My name is Olga Zachepilo, I was born in a sunny resort town in Russia.
Since childhood, I was surrounded by mountains, the sea and flowering gardens. I have always felt the need to convey the beauty that surrounds me. I wanted to share my emotions and inspiration with the whole world.
I graduated from the State Academy of Art and Design. Stieglitz in St. Petersburg.
I continue to study every day, discovering, transforming and portraying the world I live in. During my life I have worked in various fields of fine arts: design, painting, graphics. I participate in exhibitions, I am interested in the world of contemporary art.

Summer bouquet. Watercolor on paper. 56 x 38 cm. 2022

White Rose. Watercolor on paper 25х36 cm. 2021

Flickering light among the trees. Watercolor on paper 35.7х26.4 cm. 2021

Figs and grapes on a plate. Watercolor on paper 36х24.5 cm. 2018

Red apple on a plate. Watercolor on paper. 37.3х28 cm. 2017

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