Country: Belgium - Role: Artist

Essentially self-taught artist.

Some watercolor workshops as points of support to evolve to a personal style corresponding to my personality and my inner aspirations.

I like to paint solo in my studio, but I also feed on the friendship of other watercolourists encountered during exhibitions and on social media. 

My favorite themes are portraits, flowers and landscapes. The themes  change, the homage to the life and beauty of man and nature remains the guiding thread of my achievements: my corner of eternity!

Numerous collective exhibitions in Belgium and abroad, since 1992.

In 2019, 2020 and 2021, participation in the International Watercolor Community Year Convention of Fabriano.

In 2020, Audience Prize in Belgium with "Out of the Blue" at the exhibition of the Watercolourists of the French Community.

Numerous individual exhibitions. Private collections in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Romania, Russia, Mexico, USA.

Artistic definition:

Watercolor? A party bursting from the inside, an infinite story of love and passion.

Nothing but a game, but solemn, meaningful, image of the state where life is tenderness, transparency and light, celebrating someone, something by representing him in his purest state, discarding the weaknesses, the daily life, to draw from the depth of consciousness, heart and soul, the materials that will cristallize on the paper when the brush, pigment and water bring them to the day. 

SPICY. H 56 x L 38 cm. Fabriano 2019

OUT OF THE BLUE. H 56 x L 38 cm. Audience Prize 2020 at the AFB Exhibition.

INSIDE VOICE. Watercolour on Arches 300 gr. H 56 x L 38 cm

HAPPY SUNSHINE, Watercolour on Arches 300 gr, H 38 x L 56 cm

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