Madli Liiva

Nickname: madliliiva
Country: Estonia - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

Madli Liiva a young aspiring artist from Estonia.

BA degree in Theatre Visual Arts from University of Tartu. She has a wide creative range as a stage decorator, theatre prop maker and painter. Currently working as a freelance artist and a teacher of fine arts at local Art School and Creativity Centre.

In her artwork she plays with color contrasts and textures. Allowing water and pigment to flow willingly. Creating abstract landscapes and visual journeys. Inspired by Estonian climate and atmospheric conditions of forests and bogs, organic textures and areal views. Quite recently discovered herself in watercolor. Her paintings have been already exhibited in Estonia, France, Poland, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Serbia, Japan and Singapore. Received Awards in landscape category, Jury’s Choice Award and Young Artist Award.

Cracks in the Ice 2022 (56x38cm)

Fowing flowers 2021 (44x56)

River in monochrome 2021 (56x44cm)

Lives and breathes I 2021 (56x76cm)

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