Nickname: Ihor
Country: Ukraine - Role: Artist

PhD in Art Critisism,
Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine
Member of the Designers Union of Ukraine,
Member of the Union of Сritics and Historians of Art
Biographical information.
1988-1993 – studied at Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts, specialization Industrial design (Ukraine).
1990-1991 – internship at the Higher School of Art and Design, Halle (German).
1995-2001 – lecturer at Design Department, Lviv State Forestry University
2001 – present – Associated professor, Department of Design and Architecture Fundamentals, Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine).
Creative activity.
From 1993 – participant at international, national, regional exhibitions on painting and graphics, the author of personal exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.
Scientific, educational and methodical activity.
Investigates patterns of visual and morphological analysis, shaping works of fine art and design. The author of more than 30 scientific and scientific-methodological works in the field of art and design.
Phone number: (032) 263-39-61, (067) 9052963, (063)5213012
E-mail: igorjur@gmail.com

Svetlana, 2021, 38x56, paper, watercolor. Ukraine 1/ physical exhibition artwork.

Girl with a butterfly net, 2015, 76х56, watercolor on paper

Spring, 2016, 100х35, watercolor on paper

Rome, Piazza Venezia, 2021, 56х38, watercolor on paper

Morning, 2016, 76х56, watercolor on paper


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