Fabrizio Esposito

Nickname: Cubaricano
Country: Italy - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

My name is Fabrizio, I was born in Naples (Italy) and I have been passionate about watercolor for some years. I love its transparency and the effects that can be obtained thanks to the use of water. I have been painting in watercolor for about 5 years, but it is only in this last year that my technique has grown thanks to study and commitment. I love making watercolors that look like photos from a distance, while up close you can clearly see the brush strokes. I love abstract approach.

I was selected among the artists present in International Contest "Monza in watercolor 2021". Currently some of my works are exhibited in 2 galleries in the city of Rome.

David of Michelangelo - 56x38

David of Michelangelo

Jimi Hendrix

Tribute to Ferrari 2020


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