Elia Cosimi

Nickname: brasiliana
Country: Italy - Role: Artist

Elia Cosimi was born in Assisi Italy and has been living for many years in Rome. She spent her teens and her youth in São Paulo, Brazil, where she completed her secondary studies. Back in Italy, she worked for an airline company.  After experimenting with different styles and techniques, she selected watercolours as her preferred medium of expression. To perfect her technique she has been able to rely on the precious the acquaintance, and friendship with the Spanish master Pedro Cano, painter of whom she has been a disciple as well as assistant on several stages. From the end of the Nineties, Elia Cosimi has added teaching to her artistic activities, giving her own painting courses. As a watercolour teacher, she held a seminar “La sopraelevata di San Lorenzo" at the Faculty of Architecture, "La Sapienza" University of Rome.

Solo exhibition
 -2017, Museo di Archeologia ,Terni, Italy.
-2016, july-september:  Museo di Palazzo Cesi, Acquasparta, Italy.
-2016, march-april: Museo delle Industrie e del Lavoro Saronnese, Saronno, Italy.
-2014, may - july: Museo y Centro de Arte  de   Blanca  ( MUCAB) y Fundacion Pedro Cano, Blanca, Spain.
 -2013, october -  november: Centro Espositivo d'Arte "Palazzo Primavera",Terni, Italy.

- 2011, november - January 2012: Kulturcentrum - Ronneby Kommun, Ronneby, Sweden.
- 2010-2011 November – January: Arbetets Museum , Norrköping, Sweden.
- 2008 January – May: exhibition space of the “Museu Nacional de la Ciència, de la Tècnica i de la Arqueologia Industrial de Catalunya”, Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain.
- 2007 October – November: Colegio de Ingenieros de Cataluña, Barcelona, Spain.
- 2006 October- November: Exhibition building “Palazzo di Primavera”, Terni, Italy.
- 2004 July, Showr

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