Tejo Van den Broeck

Nickname: Tejo
Country: Belgium - Role: Artist

Everything begins with the fact I’m a studio painter not plein-air. In my artworks, the thinking process is indeed very important, but the transformation process is important as well. So, it all starts with an idea, a concept, but such idea does not fly in with the air. It requires, time and consultation. Not all ideas are suitable, but sometimes, you should not kill a crazy idea completely, because, after consultation and overthinking the idea, it can still lead to  something interesting to continue with. Such idea can be in my head for a long time and I will only start thinking how to transform or shape it once it has reached sufficient maturity level in order to execute and paint only the ideas that are viable.

Once I have a viable idea in my mind, and this can take a while, I start experimenting by means of sketching and taking pictures. Initially, this is still partially happening only in my mind, eventually combined with a quick sketch to not lose the progress.

All this is the reason I can’t do a demo. I paint very slowly because of my technique. And for talking about my art the time is to short, my english is bad and I have to preparet his and there is no time.

Sorry that I can’t do all this. I’m preparing such a lecture for in Lilleshall but I have make demonstration material. I hope you understand and my excuses for his. Tejo


L’occiput lassé et triste

Unsafe protected ! 56/38 cm

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