María Claudia García Herrera

Nickname: Claudia
Country: Chile - Role: Artist

Borned colombian, have been resident in USA, Norway Brasil and some years ago nationalized in Chile. Psichologist, with many years of experience in artistic and sensorial stimulation for children between 2 and 12 years old. The last 13 years I have been working in psycotherapy for adults including art herapy as therapeutic tool.

Ceramist, I was an intern for a year in Keramikk Loften in Throndheim,  and presented my work at "Luft, jord, ild" exhibition in 1987. In Brasil I participated in the exhibition "Indios e Argila. Vestigio" at  Gallery A Fabrica in Pindamonhangaba, Sao Paulo, 2004.

Started taking watercolor clases at "Taller de acuarela Lea Kleiner" in 2014, in Santiago de Chileand have participated in group exhibitions as "La pampa Salitrera, nuestra mirada" in 2017 and the proyect "Iglesias Chilotas, nuestra mirada" , this public exhibition all along Chile  had to be canceled due to the pandemic.

Three of my watercolors where selected for "Chili, la diversité du paysage", an exhibition organized by Museo Casa de la Acuarela and Société Francais de l'Aquarelle (SFA) shoed alt Cloitre St. Louis, Avignon, 2020.


Nubes en la Cordillera de los Andes

Cerro azul. Pampa Salitrera 52 x 34

#2020horizon Claudia García Atardecer ,fin del verano en el litoral chileno

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