Ritva Viitiƶ

Nickname: Ritva
Country: Finland - Role: Artist

I have always loved nature - forests, trees, forest ponds, paths, flowers, spring flooding and everything which is beautiful. My grandmother’s flower fields on the hill and near the river bank, lovely roses and lilacs on her yard are the most beautiful memories of my childhood. My longing for beauty is the reason to create something beautiful.

I was already thirty years old when I started painting. It was 40 years ago when I bought my first  oil paints, watercolors and pastels. I studied painting from books, at courses and exhibitions, and learned from other artists. My first solo exhibition was held in 2000.  I started participating at exhibitions already in my early years as painter. For some years now I have painted  mostly in watercolors  and had several solo exhibitions in Finland and some of my watercolor paintings have been exhibited in Italy.
 I find  my painting subjects close to my home: the lake gives me many subjects. I also enjoy picnics in nature with my husband, taking lots of photos which I can use as reference for my paintings. 
I truly enjoy following other artists’ works at exhibitions and in social media. They keep on inspiring me over and over again.

An Autumnal Strand

A Summer Evening

Pink Midsummer Roses

The sea is calming down

The storm is coming soon.

A grey day at the beginning of December 2021.

A spring stream 2023

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