Barbi Cunningham

Nickname: Barbi
Country: Malawi - Role: Country admin

Barbi is an internationally recognised artist and teacher, previously painting  under the name 'Barbi Vandewalle'. She paints in oils and watercolors, the latter being her favorite and passion. " I love the transparency of watercolours, the unpredictability of the medium creating a certain element of surprise." 

Barbi has spent most of her adult life in South Africa, but recently returned to her roots, now living in Malawi.She has taken part in many exhibitions, won awards, and her paintings can be found all over the world. Her passion is nature and landscapes, big skies and rural settings. She is a very versatile artist and will often paint subjects which offer a challenge, and hence is popular for commission work.


She is an active member of WASA,[ WatercolorArt Southern Africa] and IWSSA.


Heaven Sent Rain test image

Approaching Storm on Lake Malawi.

Coconut vendor.

Duck days

Marsh land, Malawi

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