Csilla Bordas

Nickname: Csilla
Country: Hungary - Role: Country admin
FabrianoInAcquarello 2024 Artist

I am a very enthusiastic watercolor artist, and have tried various art techniques but really found myself in the watercolor medium.

I started my watercolor journey in late 2017, and joined watercolor course at Watercolor Academy in 2018 which is organized by the Hungarian Branch of International Watercolor Society, IWS Hungary. During this time, my vision developed a lot, I acquired knowledge under the wings of my masters Sándor Szikszai and ErnÅ‘ Nagy.

I immediately fell in love with this whimsical technique, which is truly one of the hardest painting techniques to learn. Water, paper and paint can be combined by quite unexpected effects, but this also gives the uniqueness of painting with watercolor, and also this makes the whole the process exciting.

I paint mainly in a realistic style, I love to observe the world around me in detail with immense curiosity, so my paintings are characterized by precision, but I can't get enough of the unpredictability that characterizes the watercolor technique, which gives me all the charm of making a painting.

I'm seeking for inspiration in everyday life, and also through exceptional moments. By my art I try to capture the beauty of the world around us, just filtered by my own perspective, just giving a piece of me to the process, in order to make this world a bit better place. 

I’ve participated in many collaborative projects, as well as local and international exhibitions and art festivals. 

I am also co-representative member of Hungarian Branch of International Watercolor Society (IWS Hungary), helping to organize the society's activities.

Bridge over Lake Bohinj




Late harvest


Inner peace

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