Hannie Rieuwerts

Nickname: Hannie
Country: Netherlands - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello Leader

Watercolor for me is something I am addicted to. Since I started to paint with watercolor when I was 20 years old, I hardly ever paint with something else. I love the transparency and the colours merge into each other. No other material has that effect. Every time it is a challenge to control the water and the pigments and I love it
I love being in Fabriano where watercolour painters from all over the world meeting each other and exchange experiences and technics with each other. Painters  are not like musicians performing in a group but in the silence of their Studio’s so it is a great opportunity to meet each other and find out that we all are speaking the same language.
I am very proud being invited to participate in several Watercolor Exhibitions over the world for many years. Too much to mention so I will only mention last year: In 2019, my watercolors have been to: China ( for the 3rd time ! ) ,Albania, Hongkong, India, Indonesia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Zurich and Belgium I ‘ve had an exhibition in a gallery in the Netherlands with 15 of my works for 10 weeks .And we organized with IWS Holland a big Watercolor exhibition: "World Masters of Watercolor 2019" 
I have a bachelor in fine Art en education from the HKU (Arts academy Utrecht ) and a first degree in teaching Arts and handcraft . I teach at High-school since 1981. I teach watercolor classes since 1989. My first solo exhibition with watercolor was in 1985.

I won a variety of prizes over the years. In 2013, I was the face of (and on) the Talens water colour sets in the “That’s Me“ campaign in 60 countries world-wide in honour of the Van Gogh Year (limited edition)

I have been president of IWS Holland for 9 years

I am Master- and Boardmember of IWS World

I have been countryleader for Fabrianoinacquarello for 8 years

Dogs are not allowed

Time for a drink , 56x38cm.

Red, Rouge, Rood! 38x56cm Accepted bij the AWS 2023

Little Sunshine 38x56cm Accepted by the AWS 2022

beautiful autumn

Winterlight makes long shadows on this bicycles 56x76cm.

One of my favorite paintings. I tried to catch the beautiful light under the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

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