Narumi Yamashita

Country: Japan - Role: Artist

Ms. Narumi Yamashita graduated from Kansai Joshibi College of Art and Design (now known as Takarazuka University of Art and Design) within the Department of Fashion Design.

In 1996, she started painting with opaque watercolors. In 2001, she started teaching flower painting.

In 2004, 2006, and 2009, she hosted a group exhibition of her flower paintings.

In 2013, she changed her painting style to transparent watercolor. She named this style, "Yumeiro Watercolor.” The term “Yumeiro” translates to “dreamy color.” Ms. Yamashita very much enjoys painting in this style because it evokes a dreamy aesthetic. Because of the joy the act of painting in this style brings her, she hopes that this style of painting will also be similarly heartwarming and joyful to its viewers.

She also started to teach her Yumeiro Watercolor style to her students.

In April 2014, she had a solo exhibition (Yumeiro no Sekai Exhibition) at the Kintetsu department store art gallery. Later, in August, she had a solo exhibition at the Gallery Sanei. In
2017, she had a watercolor painting exhibition held at Casadiello (a pizza shop).

She currently teaches Yumeiro watercolor painting in Osaka and Nagoya.

The Secret Garden

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