Adina Ghinaci

Country: Romania - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist


I paint in oil and watercolor but watercolor is definitely my favourite.

In my paintings I strive to reveal the beauty hidden in the things that surround us, objects and beings, landscapes and people. I am particularly interested in portraits, cityscapes, flowers.

I have participated in several local, national and international competitions and exhibitions; I have had  seven  solo shows so far.

Adina Ghinaci, Hydrangeea

Adina Ghinaci_Romania_Fodele.The Painter's Tools_38X56 cm_ 2021

Adina Ghinaci_Romania_Achillion_28x38 cm,_2018

Adina Ghinaci_Romania_Light and Shadows 3_28x38 cm_20212021

Adina Ghinaci_Romania_ Lilies_ 28x38 cm cm_2021

Adina Ghinaci_Romania_ Light and Shadows 1_ 28x38 cm_2021

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