massimiliano iocco

Nickname: massimiliano
Country: Italy - Role: Artist

Massimiliano Iocco was born in Rome, Italy in 1972.


"Art is a spiritual and immaterial respite from the difficulties of life"


The quote of the painter Fernando Botero, fits perfectly for those who are the feelings and needs of Massimiliano. In 2000, almost thirty years old, to escape the daily monotony approaches the world of painting . Driven by love for figurative art and watercolor in particular, decide to promote this attitude and in subsequent years he perfected his technique with the continued confrontation with watercolourists professionals both Italians and foreigners who like him have the fortune to live in Rome is the perfect city for those who love painting.

Massimiliano considers watercolor painting not only a practical but a real therapeutic process, for those who, like him, tend to control every aspect of his life, there comes a time where you have to let go ... the water can not be controlled, imprisoned, you have to let her go, if you want to get a fresh watercolor, powerful water to be trusted ...


In recent years he exhibited regularly in exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

He has received several prizes and awards in exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Organizes courses in watercolor painting for beginners and for those who want to improve their technique.


His aim is to travel around the world to paint and share with people of different nationality and culture, love for art and the beauty of life.


Let's Pray

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