Paola Giovannetti

Nickname: Paola Giov
Country: Italy - Role: Artist

Paola Giovannetti was born in Turin in 1969.
She holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)

Paola is passionate watercolor artist whose life is beautifully woven between the precision of dentistry and the creative expression found in art. 

Her background in anatomical drawings is found in intensive courses during her professional education, forms the bedrock of her artistry. This foundation forces her to paint with an understanding of form, structure, and the nuanced play of light and shadow. With an unwavering love for enhancing grand shapes and exploring tonal depths, Paola's artworks try to be a celebration of harmonic colors interplaying.

Her love for watercolor is a reflection of her artistic sensitivity, where the nuances are transformed into emotions captured on paper. Her palette plays between tones, creating works that breathe life. Her paintings would like to convey the joy of exploring the beauty of the world through vibrant colors and delicate shades.

For Paola, dentistry and art are not conflicting passions but complementary facets of her identity. She finds a sense of balance between the structured, scientific world of dentistry and the free-flowing, imaginative realm of art. Both domains require patience, attention to detail, and a steady hand.

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