Yuki Hayashi

Nickname: YU
Country: Paraguay - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist



The artist of Japanese origin, born in a colony of oriental immigrants in Paraguay.

Her works are presented in annual exhibitions at the Gallery of Asuncion, Fábrica Galeria/Club De Arte in different formats and techniques. Ink drawings, oil painting and watercolor on canvas and other materials as medium.

show an impeccable technique that reflect a deep, intuitive eye.

She develops an active career as an artist and as a teacher of young art students at the Institute of Fine Arts.

Garden with Blue Iris - 38 cmx 56 cm. water color on canson - 2022

espina colorada (Solanum sisymbriifolium) 37X27 cm. water color on paper 2020


Mbocayá rapo y Kapi´i kati 37,5x55 cm - Graphite and water color on paper 2020

Taropé y burrito 37,5x55 cm - Graphite and water color on paper 2020

2020 Horizon

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