Sanjeewee Senevirathna

Nickname: Sanjeewee Senevirathna
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S A N J E E W E E   S E N E V I R A T H N A

Sanjeewee Senevirathna ,a watercolor artist and painting lecturer in Sri Lanka, has held several solo exhibitions locally and has participated to number of international exhibitions as well. Sanjeewee has also won several international contests.

Urban, suburban areas and human’s cultural space centered on various professions were based to his art work. His art work has been nurtured with matured academic discipline and obstinate usage of medium. A rich combination of tones beyond colours was finely used to express art. A tactful art enthusiast will be able to grasp the underline, penetrating through the societal space establishing the inferior and secondary units as the most powerful units in his art work. 


2021-                  Award of Excellence , The 1st International Architecture and Urban Landscape Watercolor                                  Exhibition , Canada.

2021-                  Selected to 143 finalists  - IMWA Youth Alliance Member Selection Online Contest, China.

2020-                  Top ten winning paintings ‘IWS Coffee Painting Contest’ , IWS Cafe Gallery , London.

2017-                 Honorable Mentions , ‘International Watercolor Festival & Golden Brush Contest [IWS]’                   

Water Mirror- Rome,Watercolor on Paper,56x38cm

Wet Reflections- Padova , Watercolor on Paper ,36x50cm

Wet Reflections- Bologna , Watercolor on Paper ,56x38cm

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