Nadia Belardi

Nickname: nadia
Country: Italy - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist

After carrying out my scientific studies and graduating in Veterinary Medicine, I devoted my life to my job.
Art entered my life 10 years ago and I immediately loved watercolour. Through the combination of water and colour this magical technique often creates unexpected wonders and with them, the artist can spark emotions and bring out beauty for the viewer.
I discovered the basics of watercolour with my first teacher Maria de Ferrari, then I continued to grow attending painting classes and workshops with national and international masters.
Another magical “combination“ in my personal and artistic path was meeting Anna Massinissa, a real mentor in my artistic life. Since then, I have regularly participated to the annual “Fabriano in Acquarello” festivals where I really feel at home. I took part into collective exhibitions such as “Terra di Siena” in 2017 in Fabriano and I had my first solo exhibit “Migrantes - L’arte che duole” in 2018 in Serra San Quirico.
Along the years, art, that had already changed my vision and my relationship with reality and life, became my willingness to express values and feelings. As a natural consequence I have chosen to make conceptual art because I strongly feel it.
Currently, I am collaborating with Anna Massinissa to manage the forum on the International Watercolour Platform for the promotion of talented artists from all over the world.




For humanity

Rags of life (38x56)

Ship in harbour (38x56)


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