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+++ Watercolor is the most diverse and challenging medium in my opinion.  There are so many ways 'to do' watercolor that it keeps being fascinating +++ 

About Agnes Geets:

She was born in Mechelen, situated between Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium.

About 10 year ago she became fascinated by the watercolor paintings exhibited in the hallway of a hospital in Mechelen.  And as her children were by then grown up, she decided to make a start in the wonderful medium of watercolor. This was a challenge for her, dividing her time between her work as an accountant, her family, her friends and her desire to paint

Athough mainly self-taught, she decided to paricipate each year in a workshop given by an artist she admires. Thus she has painted with Gerda Mentens, Iain Stewart, Stan Miller, Thomas Schaller and David Poxon. Also Joseph Zbukvic and Chien Chung Wei couldn't be missed.  From each artist she has learnt to hone her natural ability and skills, each one influencing her work, inspirig her and making her the artist she is today.

The subjects she paints are varied.  She is equally at ease painting in the quiet of her home or en plein air. Although figure and portrait painting is her first love and her main strength.

She is a member of AIB, the Belgian Watercolor Society, and has been selected several years in a row for the International Watercolor Exhibition in Uckange (France).  Also her work has been exhibited for several years too in the International Watercolor Exhibition of Fabriano (Italy). 

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