Chihiro Pierce

Nickname: Chihiro
Country: Japan - Role: Artist

Chihiro Pierce was born and rased in Japan. She graduated from Musashino Art Univ College, Japan. She has been living in the US for two decades.
Her works were selected into several National and International shows, also were fetured on the cover story in the magazine and were interviewed for the "Pratic des Arts' in France and " International Art Magazine" int the US. She currently a long standing member of the Japanese Watercolor Society (JWS). Since she became a member, she has been participating in exhibitions and publications througout Japan. She was an instructor for Daniel Smith on the east side of Seattle store until 2019. Now, she is living amongst the vast and endless beauty in Juneau, Alaska.

Chihiro is a brand ambassader for the Daniel Smith.

Morning Dew - Published by

Fragrance in the Light

Dream Destination

Custom Cute Shiba Inu Dog Mag

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