Chihiro Pierce

Nickname: Chihiro
Country: Japan - Role: Artist

Chihiro pierce is an award-winning watercolor artist based in Juneau, Alaska who specialized in capturig the beauty ot the local landscapes and wildlife. Born in Kobe, Japan, she developed her love of art from a young age and honed her skills at the Mousashino Art University. With over 25 years of experience, Chihiro's works have been fetured in numerous interationalexhibitions and received recognition from prestigius publications. She also serves as a Brand Ambassador for Daniel Smith art supplies and was an instructor in Seattle. Chiihto's paintings serve as a reflection of her passion for the netural worled and her emotional connection to it. Her artworks are represented at the Annie Kaill's gallery in Juneau, Alaska.

Fresh Morning, Downtown of Juneau, Alaska

Dream Destination

Fragrance in the Light

Wild Meadow

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