Trushkova Tatyana

Nickname: Tatjenne
Country: Russia - Role: Artist

 Tatiana Trushkova

Date of birth: 27th February 1978

Place of residence: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia



Phone number: +7-904-392-40-23


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1997-2003 - Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, speciality « Industrial design »

1993-1997 - Nizhny Novgorod Art School, speciality « Design »

1988-1993 - Energodar Art School, Zaporozhye region


Personal information:

I enjoy being a woman, laughing and staying a kid! You can find in my paintings Love , Music, Danse and Universe. They reveal the beauty of the external world, they fascinate and stimulate the spectactor’s imagination, they let us dream.


When I was 9 years old, we moved with my family to Energodar. There was a marvelous art school. It was so beautiful with a small green garden. I came there and said: « I want to study here ». I have been always painting as long as I can remember. I drew on the wallpaper and on myself. In kindergarten while other children were playing, I was with pencils away the hours. Once, while our parents were at work, my brother and I made a competition to see who would do the most drawings on the wall. It was me who won of course. In 2003 I graduated from the institute and forgot about painting. For a long time I worked as an art director in a design studio, but recently I realized that I’m not me without drawing and I regained my inspiration. Firstly it was difficult and scary to return. My hands wouldn’t obey me, the white piece of paper frightened me, I needed to remember all techniques again. Painting is my oxygen, this is what I feel, what I receive from life, and then I give it back. Drawing is life itself.

Nowadays I am a teach&

Forest owner


Russia_Tatyana Trushkova_–†ure Souls_38x55. This work is about the purity of perception of the universe, female energy, interconnectedness and acceptance of the world.





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