Magda Cordoba

Nickname: Magdacordoba
Country: Costa Rica - Role: Country admin
FabrianoInAcquarello Leader

Magda Córdoba studied Advertising Design at the College of Fine Arts of the Autonomous University of Central America. She has taken painting and engraving courses with different national artists.

She has been an artist very consistent with the theme of her life and her models of pictorial representation, which are not only her visual stories or synthesis, but are also emotional laboratories of aesthetic reinterpretation. He works in techniques such as acrylic paint, watercolor, digital photography, and drawing.

She has participated in several collective painting exhibitions, art fairs, painting and graphic arts competitions that have been held in universities, cultural centers, museums, and state and private institutions.

She is an active member the Asociacion Costarricense de Artistas Visuales ACAV-AIAP-Costa Rica since 2012 and she is is a Board Member of the Costa Rican Association of Watercolorists, ACA.

She is currently the Costa Rican Coordinator for the FabrianoinAcquerello and UrbinoinAcquerello world-wide watercolor festivals that are held in Italy every year. 

 “Through a spontaneous, gestural and constant process based on music, the present is worked on to find the moment of doing. Encounters and dialogues between pigments, lines and sounds that through rhythm indicate that the present is past and at the same time awakens the awareness that the past is present. "

Magda Córdoba

Florecimiento. 56 x 38 cm 2023

Messengers #2 56 x 38 cm_ 2022

Serie "Affectum" #7 2022

Magda Cordoba _Waters #2_ 38 x 56 cm watercolor on paper_2022

Yellow trunk tree 32 x 24 cm. 2020

Yellow tree #2 32 x 24 cm. 2020

Instalation: “Paths Traveled” 100 X 100 _All these shoes are made on watercolor paper and assembled by hand. The soles come from watercolors that have not turned out as I wanted or that I have done simply to experiment and practice the technique. The

Pisadas #3- 50 x 50 cm 2020

Registro #1 56 x 76 cm 2020

Inspire 38 x 56 cm 2019

On the way to Paquera - 23 x 31 cm 2021

In the Diquis Valley 76 x 56cm 2021

My earth - 47 x 56 cm- 2021

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