Sue Bradley

Nickname: Rococco
Country: England - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

I am addicted to creating art and completely fascinated by watercolour.  I find it the most unique, spontaneous medium. The challenge of working in watercolour is so exciting due to its immediacy, energy and boldness. Watercolour is not a medium to be totally controlled and manipulated, and of course that’s its beauty. My work therefore varies through the soft, tranquil pastel tones of my illustrations to my endeavours to convey the vibrant, passionate movement of Flamenco dancers and the ever-changing nature of the natural world.

From cascading wet washes to staccato dry brush effects, there are very many different watercolour techniques. Certain colours do unexpected things when xxxxped into others and things happen on dry and wet surfaces that you just can't explain. But why stop there? The boundaries of watercolour can be pushed. I am not a watercolour ‘purist’ and after sixteen years as a research scientist, I still want to experiment.  Hence my interest in combining watercolour with other media such as acrylic ink, oil pastel and charcoal together with the exploration of texture and mark-making in a search for new discoveries. For me, it’s not just art and science, it’s magic.

worked as a biochemist for many years, before training as a primary teacher (post graduate degree), specialising in science, art and design and technology. I now tutor art for adults at weekly classes, and provide workshops and demos to art clubs and societies. I live in Kent and my work is sold through a gallery in Beckenham as well as online.

I have had paintings selected for major exhibitions including the Artist and Leisure Painter magazine annual Open Exhibition at Patchings Art Centre, Nottingham, Fabriano in Aquarello 2020/21  and the Royal Society of Marine Artists Exhibition at the prestigious Mall Galleries, London.

I was thrilled when one of my paintings was juried through to the later stages of&

In Patagonia, watercolour.

Orange Flamenco

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