Jude Scott

Nickname: jude scott
Country: Australia - Role: Artist
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Jude Scott

Australian Artist

My deep love of the natural world  is the  source of my inspiration. 
Nature, whether a landscape, an exquisite flower or an interesting face is my focus of my work.
I love the vast horizons and wide open spaces of  the Australian landscape, the unique clarity of our  light drenched landscapes, uncluttered by any signs of industry.

Flowers are an irresistible  subject for surely they are nature's way of decorating our daily lives, such vibrant colours and exquisite shapes that draw me in.
Faces are intriguing. I love the  process while  painting unfold as I put brush to paper or canvas. Watching the figurative works evolve, the mapping out the face for me is so similar to painting a landscape, as both have been shaped by the elements and time. 

I invite  the viewer to connect with my vision of the natural world in the form of landscapes, florals and figurative work. 

web: www.judescott.co

Insta: judescottart

FB: www.facebook.com/jude.scott.9404


Best time of Day-Jude Scott

Song for Spring Jude Scott

Islands in the Stream

Famous Sharon-38 x 56 cms-watercolour-Jude Scott

Wattle and Wrens II-watercolour-Jude Scott-38 x 56 cms

Famous Sharon-38x56cms-Watercolour-Jude Scott

Summer Fragrance-watercolour-Jude Scott-56x38cms

Reflections-watercolour-100x85cms-cms-Jude Scott

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