Carla de Korte-Bramsen

Country: Netherlands - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist

I get my inspiration from nature.
I like the interplay of water, the vastness and the changes of the light.

The challenge is to find that in my watercolors.

The watercolor is the medium for me to express myself artistically

the medium that continues to surprise and challenge me.

And it is so good to see that ther are so many good and inspiring watercolorists worldwide.
Being part of that is great !

Wonderful Colors of fall

Portrait of a young lady

Stormy weather on the French Opal Coast. Taken during my stay there in October 2021. A sunny, windy day with beautiful light. The light that has inspired many artists and the name Opal Coast came into being.

#2020 Horizon

Seagulls over the North Sea near The Hague, The Netherlands

A quiet moment in Fabriano

Stormy weather at the French Opal Coast

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