Country: Italy - Role: Artist

Sandra Di Lenardo is a painter from Basagliapenta , Italy. Attracted to the world of art from childhood, her first award, a silver medal in a painting contest, dates back to the time of lower secondary schools. While always keeping interest in painting, she initially dedicated herself to photography. Then, she decided to study the different techniques with some Masters: pencils, crayons, oil and watercolour, attending various artistic courses. Flowers, a favorite subject especially for watercolors represent a magic encounter between water and pigment. In these enchanting gardens, a sort of Eden in which to take refuge, a kaleidoscope of colours and shapes is reflected, enhancing imaginary perfumes. Since 2001 she has exhibited her works in Italy and abroad. Her watercolors have been awarded in painting contests and selected for the most important exhibitions in the sector.  She has collaborated in the realization of various artistic events and she is co-founder of the "Acquerello del Doge" artistic association, organizing workshops and exhibitions dedicated to watercolour tecnique.


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