Mario Oscar Zúñiga

Nickname: Mario
Country: Argentina - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

Hello, my name is Mario I am a doctor. Many years ago I had a brief passage through oil painting, by the hand of the great artist in my community, Martha Such, and for many years I stayed away from art. Recently it was my contact and infatuation with watercolor, initially selftaught, looking for its secrets and techniques on the web, I was doing a course, until the pandemic arrived and I had to switch to  online classes with good teachers from my country like Goyo Barja, Diego Eguinlian & Eduardo Nicolai, and currently with the Moroccan Master, Mustapha Ben Lahmar. My search is constant, my preference is abstraction, looking por harmonies of color, shapes and composition, trying an expressive and open painting...

"Puerto" Watercolor on paper 38 x 56 cm

Watercolor on the paper 25 x 35 cm

Watercolor on the paper 32 x 32 cm

Watercolor on the paper 32 x 32 cm

watercolor on the paper 38 x 55 cm

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