Marina Trushnikova

Nickname: Marina Trushnikova
Country: Russia - Role: Artist

 The main theme of my work now is portraits of dancers, musicians, beautiful women in retro costumes.

I like to combine real and abstract forms, to introduce understatement into my work. This makes the realistic portrait of a particular person universal. Such a portrait becomes a symbol of a certain mood and can become a part of any interior.

The favorite theme in my work is Argentine tango dancers. I have been dancing the tango for 13 years. It turned out that there are only a few artists who portray tango, and even less of those who know it from the inside. Therefore, my portraits of dancers are in demand in the huge international community of tango lovers.


2021 - Personal exhibition, Bohemios tango club, Belgorod, Russia

2020 - «Tango and rose», Personal exhibition, Museum of Fine Art and Graphic, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia 


2021 - International Watercolor Competition «Step by Step», 2 season. - Finalist. Special jury award.

2021 - "Watercolor with Love" IWS Russia - 2021 - Special jury award.

2021 - «Our wonderful word» IWS Poland and Ukraine - Guest artist.

2020 - Exposition Internationale d’aquarelle «Art et Sante», Albi, France & Ho Shi Minh, Vietnam

2020 - International Watercolor Festival «Aqua Zoom», Museum of Fine Art and Graphic, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia

2020 - International Watercolor Online Competition «Step by Step», 1 season - Finalist.

2020 — Exhibition of Russian watercolor artists, IWS Sare Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

2019 - 1st Olimpiart 2019 IWS, India - in collection «Genius of watercolor» - Shortlisted as one of the best 50 watercolors of the world.

2019 - 1st International Watercolor Exhibition and Festival IWS Finland, Helsinki

"Marshmallow girls", 2021, watercolor on paper 38x56 cm. I saw this cute scene in the old Russian town Kolomna. The young saleswomen of the marshmallow were dressed in beautiful dresses of the 19th century and themselves looked like marshmallows.

"Slow dance" 2020, 24x34 cm

"Man, woman and tango" 2020, 56x38 cm

"Embrace" 2020, 38x56 cm

"Tango of the summer nights" 2020, 38x56 cm

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