Krystyna Szczepanowski

Nickname: Krystyna Szczepanowski
Country: Switzerland - Role: Country admin
FabrianoInAcquarello Leader

Having grown up in Brazil, Krystyna studied Fine Arts at FAAP, one of São Paulo's top universities for the Arts and Culture. She immediately realised that watercolour was her medium of preference - and she has been an active watercolourist ever since.

Since moving to Switzerland thirty years ago, she has been dedicated to developing awareness of watercolour (and its practice!) in the Lac Léman region and has participated in numerous workshops and exhibitions. She was awarded the 2nd prize at Buchillon au Carré both in 2015 and 2017.
Krystyna is also an avid Urban sketcher, going out to draw on location in sketchbooks, which she uses as inspiration and as trip souvenirs.
Her work draws inspiration from the small things in life and finds beauty in everyday objects. By taking these overlooked subjects out of their usual context and simplifying the composition, she emphasizes the object itself and gives it a new aesthetic importance - and the viewer a new perspective.


The weight of the world


Japanese Mystery

Rush hour

Two boats

Lac LĂ©man in September

Chesa Poult - an example of sketching on location

Imperial red

Summer in Aruba

Four cups

Knobs, knobs, knobs

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