Victoria Grigorieva

Nickname: Victoria Grigorieva
Country: Ukraine - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello Leader

Victoria Grigorieva is a professional graphic artist based in Kiev, Ukraine.  After graduating from the National Art School in Kiev and then the Ukrainian National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in 1997, Victoria served as Head Art Director for the Ukrainian women’s magazine Natali and, after, held the same title at The Women’s Magazine.

Recently, Victoria is mainly engaged in creativity and teaching. Victoria is the founder of the watercolor school Victory Art School in Ukraine, in Kiev.

Founder of The International Festival of the Watercolor Miniatures MiniWatercolor Kyiv

Country Leader FabrianoInAcquarello

Country Leader UrbinoInAcquerello

Her works has been exhibited in a number of national and international exhibitions, including the :

Solo Exhibition “An unforgattable moment”, Kyiv 2021

Solo Watercolor Exhibition in Bardejov, Slovakia , 2018

Solo Watercolor Exhibition «Victory of Art» Urbino, Italy, 2017

Solo Exhibition “Awakening”, Kyiv 2017

Artworks are saved in museum collections in Ukraine, Italy and private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Chile, Slovakia and USA.

Blackout. Rainy Bridge

Pine-trees 56x38 cm 2022 Ukraine

Lviv street 38x56 cm 2021

Sunset on the river, watercolor 56x76cm

After rain, watercolor

Bridge, watercolor

Cafe in Bardejov, watercolor

Rainy day in Fabriano, watercolor

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