Cecilia Bat

Nickname: Cecilia Bat
Country: Argentina - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist

Architect and watercolorist from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My initial art training comes from the learning of scenographic painting techniques at the Teatro Colón of Buenos Aires.

A few years ago I discovered watercolor as an expressive medium, and from that moment I have participated in numerous national and international workshops to acquire technical tools.

My greatest interest is capturing the light, working with the unpredictable behaviour of water to discover textures and final shapes. Its accidental effects require being in permanent tension as well as open to its random results, which makes this work so fascinating.

Along the river

Transition - 56x38cm - 2021

Cielos y sueños - 28x38 cm - 2021

Fragile - 38x56 cm - 2021

Lluvia - 38x56 cm - 2021

Lejanía - 38x56 cm - 2021

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