Javier Gomesoto

Nickname: Javier Gomesoto
Country: Mexico - Role: Artist
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Javier Gomesoto was born in Mexico City on February 15 th., 1962.

After few years in advertising he met painting with a Spanish and recognized painter Demetrio Llordén. He started teaching in halftones resources in pencil, charcoal, oil and watercolor media.

At the beginning the topics he explored were ethnic themes in where he learned to solve different Mexican atmospheres. Whith the skill he was able to paint characters of different parts of the world applying different ways combining water and color.

He has won different awards around the world, mainly for his Watercolors artworks.

In September of 2000 he received the title of Académico Correspondiente (Respective Academician) in Mexico from the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Thelmo in Malaga, Spain.

He has been invited to give demonstrations in Watercolor around the world:USA (Atlanta, Georgia and Denver, New Mexico);Turkey (Izmir); Spain (Asturias and Malaga); Italy (Fabriano, Florence, Urbino and Sperlonga); China ( Lushan and Neshang) and México ( International Festival in Chihuahua and Toluca).

Lately he received the third Price Award in a International Contest,  IWS (International Watercolor Society).

Today he works digitally in the First Media Festival of Fabriano as Leader of México.

He celebrated 30 years of painting in one of the most important and popular places in Mexico City with a huge exhibition in Palacio de Mineria.

At this time, Gomesoto has held 69 solo exhibitions and some collective ones.


Javier Gomesoto Three generations 56x38cm México

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