Naseema Barday

Nickname: NasB
Country: South Africa - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

Painting watercolor has been my aspiration for many years. It respresents the culmination of several loves: my oldest artisitic passion of drawing, my attraction to color and how we see the world through light, my awe of geology and appreciation of landscape, and my yearning for travel with its exposure to different cultures. 

An amateur South African painter living in Cape Town, I am a full-time medical practitioner and a mother of four. I have these last few years found capacity to pick up art again as my children have grown older, after only casual dabbling in various media over the years. I have to make conscious effort to paint afterhours because time for me is a premium. This has been a commitment in my lifetyle which has not come easily, and I've been obliged to have an element of the deliberate. I have nonetheless found the mindfulness of painting to be the perfect counterfoil to my stressful work, such that I lose myself in my colors and brushes during the creative process.

My analytical thinking and evaluation skills result in my being quite critical of my own work - a characteristic that I hope will strenghten my abilities over the journey of forever learning.

I have only once exhibited at a local doctors' charity event, where I displayed a few casual pieces made over the years; I have never held a solo. In September 2021, I participated in Watercolor SA's international competition, and was awarded 1st place in the beginner's category for my submission, "The Tattered Flag, A Dream of Time." This year, I received an honorable mention in the artist's category for a work I submitted titled "Resonating Light: Reflections on Truth".

I am honored to be selected for the second year to be part of the Southern African delegation exhibiting at the Fabriano Festival.

After all these years, I find I have come full circle to the point where I left off my youthful meanderings into the world o

Forgotten Glory, Irreverent Time, 38x56, Arches 300g: The carefully crafted Haveli, once magnificent & proud, is worn by the hand of time. She stands now a derelict remainder of transient glory, humanity now insolently unremembering of her past.

Expressions of Hope: The Tattered Flag, A Dream of Time. The room has repeatedly been renovated over time with the cycles of renewed hope. Again, sunlight brings new life. (1st place Beginner category, WASA 2021)

Road near Ladimith, South Africa. Magic light at the end of the day, my favourite time, driving on the long road.

Lahore Fort/Shahi Qila through gates of Badshahi Mosque, Pakistan. Time passes. Revisited 25 years later, but the first remembrance of a cold childhood December is still fresh in my mind.

Japanese hawthorn fan in bloom in a pandemic winter, bringing color to our lives in a dreary time while recovering from Covid myself in 2020.

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