Giovanni Balzarani

Nickname: jopaint
Country: Italy - Role: Country admin
FabrianoInAcquarello Leader

I am Giovanni Balzarani, one of the four Italian leaders of Fabriano in Acquarello; I have been Italian Leader for 6 years. I am a professional watercolor painter from Latina, Italy.

I am a Signature member of National Watercolor Society (NWS), a member of NorthWest Watercolor Society (NWWS) and a member of InArte.

I started painting when I was child and I attended Art High School and then Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

I was always interested on details, looking towards great masters like Durer, Caravaggio, De Chirico and Chuck Close, improving my painting research in all techniques like oil, charcoals, pastels, digital, on all aspects of painting such materials, styles and subjects. In my academic studies I started painting with soft pastels, then I turned into oil. Watercolor technique came after oil, just to try a different technique, painting landscapes.

Now - I paint contemporary still life, mainly glass and metal objects, and urban landscapes (taken from my travel photos) in hyperrealism style.

My experience of fine art restorer leaded me to use and bring restoration and decoration techniques into watercolor world like: painting background and washes, transferring oil painting perfection on watercolor, improving execution technique: in many restoration works, watercolor is used to rebuild paintings on frescos and on canvas. Restoration gave me also the patience to keep painting on a very wide time with an high level of concentration, from start to end, especially on fine and small details, for hours and hours.

Since autumn 2017 I am one of DANIEL SMITH Extrafine Watercolors' Brand Ambassadors.



Old ‘n new - My life in technicolor

B’EST BAR - 76x56cm

Tribute to Unity - 40x40cm

Coffee Glass - 38x28cm


MADE IN ITALY - 50x50cm



EMPTY FULL 2.0 - 56X38 cm


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