António Bártolo

Nickname: António Bártolo
Country: Portugal - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist

I was born in Angola in 1962, but I live currently in Torres Vedras - Portugal.

I'm a self-taught fine artist. My work is essentially dedicated to watercolor.

In 1998 I made my first individual exhibition. Since then I participated in several national and international collective exhibitions.

Curator of three events, being them the International Meeting of Watercolour of Santa Cruz (Portugal), the International Watercolour Meeting of Caldas da Rainha and the 1st International Festival of Watercolour-IWS Portugal. 

Besides my art career, I tutor small watercolour workshops and classes. I'm also founding-member of AAPOR - Associação de Aguarela de Portugal.

My work is represented in several public and particular collections, in Portugal and abroad.

"For me to paint is a need. I need to express my emotions through painting. I'm in love with life, with nature and that's where my inspiration comes from. Watercolour is the perfect technique for what I look to achieve through art. It's subtle, delicate, but it's also surprisingly and rebel". 



Beco do Bairro do Areal - 54 x 54cm

Balada de Penedo - 38 x 56cm

Au Jardin du Luxembourg - 50 x 70cm

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