Ernesto Pedro Cerdá

Nickname: epcerda
Country: Argentina - Role: Artist

Artist, watercolorist based in the interior of Argentina, more precisely in the city of Río Cuarto, province of Córdoba. I was born in this picturesque mediterranean province. Since 2007 I have developed my artistic career in a semi-professional way, learning from local Masters: Eduardo Angelini for example, and some international Masters.
I have participated and won prizes in national painting exhibitions and competitions and I have participated in international biennials, representing my country: Italy, Pakistan, Mexico and Bolivia. I teach watercolor workshops and classes in my province.

Mountain landscape/Paisaje serrano. 35x55 cm.

Old Ika Baqueano/Viejo Ika Baqueano. 35x50 cm.

Caribbean beach/Playa del Caribe. Trabajo de altura. 25x35 cm.

Caught in time/Atrapado en el tiempo. 38x56 cm.

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