Danielle Meyer Feder

Nickname: Dany
Country: Israel - Role: Artist

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I am native of Paris who currently makes my  home in Jerusalem since 1993

I was expanding the range of techniques available I studied charcoal sketching, oil painting, watercolor, pastel, and print-making (monotype, etching, and engraving) at the Jerusalem Studio School and at Hacubia. 

My studio is located Rehavia in Jerusalem.


JSS Group Exhibition 2010

AACI Group Exhibition 2014

Studio Hacubia,Nayot Jérusalem Group Exhibition 2014

Studio 4, Yemin Moshe, Jérusalem Solo Exhibition 2015

Bamboo, Emek Refaim, Jerusalem Solo Exhibition 2016

Jérusalem Theater, Jérusalem, Solo « Ladies without Gentlemen »2017

Jérusalem Theater, Group Exhibition 2018

moonlight sonata Beethoven



Carmel Forest goats 56x38cm

Reflections of Venice 56x38 cm

Dead Sea 35x25cm

Paysage de montagne 25x35cm

nightfall on the Ile de RĂ© 25x35 cm

View from the Tuileries Gardens 35x25 cm

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