Swapnil Jawale

Nickname: Swapnil J
Country: United Arab Emirates - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello 2022 Artist

Swapnil Jawale is an Indian national born in Mumbai and is an alumnus from Sir J.J School of arts with a bachelor’s in applied arts and printing technology. He is active as a curator and artist based in Dubai since 2009.

Visual artist and print technology specialist having 15 + years. At that time, he explored digital art and print media rather than painting, so it is indeed a great joy rediscovering paint in past years he has worked in print media. He is captivated by people and absorbed by portraits and figures.

Be it for his satisfaction or private commission, and he loves to use his brush and paints to capture a likeness creatively. He enjoys making marks with his paintbrush rather than trying to create a photographic smoothness.
Regardless, the result should be an accurate observation, created with painterly expressive marks.
He also loves to explore mark-making - building up my drawing with watercolours, mixed medium and exploring unique styles. He varies his subject matter with a portrait or some equestrian art from time to time, but people continue to be my true obsession.





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