Amer Hassan Al-Aswad

Nickname: Amer Hassan
Country: Iraq - Role: Artist
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                                                            Nick Name : Amer Hassan 

                                                             Role : Country Leader    


Dr. Amer Hassan Salman Al-Aswad ,  Born in Kadhumiya in Baghdad in 1952  , Consultant surgeon, professor of general surgery / Mustansariya University , I'm graduated from  Mosul University with MBChB  at 1977 as junior  Medical Doctor then I study for further 4 years to  get CABS a higher degree of specialization  and  also specialization in (Laser in Surgery ) and also  ( High Diploma in Surgery ) I were Clinical teacher for 4th and 6th year for  under graduate medical  students  in Al-Mustanseriah College of Medicine and also supervisor  for Postgraduate doctors  , until I were retired from Hospital Governmental work at 2016 

 I'm starting art at age 8 years,   I'm self-tout with advanced techniques in accuracy and beauty, reading and communications, I'm using  deferent materials but since 2010 I shift totally to Watercolor paintings , the last 3 solo galleries were with pure Watercolors. My Works were manifestations of Landscape which encompass the coexistence of the people of Iraq and their environment both positive and critical, also Cityscape with narrow roads and high wall houses gives inspiration of poverty and hard life -. . .

 I'm Member of Iraqi Medical Association.(1977) , Diabetes Miletus Association Gastrointestinal tract Association. Membership of the International Associat

Amer Hassan / Old Side street - Baghdad - Iraq , 56 x 38 cm

# 2020 HORIZON - Artist : AMER HASSAN

Sea from Sperlonga 56 x 38 cm Amer Hassan

Old House - Baghdad / Iraq 56 x 38 cm / Amer Hassan

Hadetha city the pride of Euphrates river , Iraq 56 x 38 cm / Amer Hassan

winter suny day / Iraq 56 x 38 cm / Amer Hassan

From Sperlonga sea 56 x 38 cm

Al-Rasheed street - Baghdad 56 x 38 cm

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