Susana Abundis

Nickname: Susa
Country: Mexico - Role: Country admin
FabrianoInAcquarello 2023 Artist

Mexican watercolorist. Industrial Designer from the Universidad Iberoamericana. I've been painting watercolor since 2016. Most of my artistic knowledge has been self-taught.

Member of the Mexican Watercolor Society.

• Third place in the 2017 Watercolor Museum Amateur Contest • Selected in the First Biennial of Watercolor in Bangladesh 2017 • Collective Exhibition "Transparency of the Soul" of the Corima Collective in the Hilvana Forum, CDMX 2018 • Finalist in the 2018 Tláloc International Award • Selected by Mexico for the Urbino in Acquarello Festival, Italy 2019 and 2020 • Participation in the 1st. Venice in Acquerello Festival, Italy 2019 • Winner "Special Award" of the Step by Step Contest of the IWS Poland 2019 and 2020 • Honorable Mention in the 12th. Edition of the Prize of the Mexican Society of Watercolorists 2019 • Exhibition "Mexicans in Moscow". Russia 2020 • International Itinerant Exhibition "Warmi Illa". Lima, Peru 2019 / Poland 2020 • Third place Step by Step on line Contest 2020 · Honorable mention in 65th Salón de la Acuarela 2020, 2nd Place Tlaloc Contest 2021 in México.

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