Shailesh Meshram

Nickname: Shailesh
Country: India - Role: Artist

My brush with colour was early in life and I was inspired by colour, form and texture and they created myriad expressions in my juvenile mind. Later as a commercial artist I honed my skills and now painting is a passion. I believe in art for art’s sake and take my inspiration from everyday life which is a wonderful repository of great experiences.

My approach towards the on the spot landscape is capturing the essence of location. I mostly compose the spot in my mind frame and work towards. I always paint from light to dark. Most of the time I preferd to play the light/shadow part of the location and the depth so that I can make the painting more live. I paint most of the on the spot location in watercolours, the medium I like and free to work with. Most of the time I use more hues and shades of watercolour. While painting I like to take the advantage of paper for the light effect of the painting. I like to explore places for the spot painting to get varied type of structures, lanes, trees, people and most important thing is composition.

I always admired and get inspired from world over watercolour artists. It helps a lot to know about their approach to techniques and style.

Name - Shailesh Meshram. Title - Pashupatinath Temple, Nepal. (India - West Zone) Size - 38x56cm. Exhibition Category - Physical.

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