Raxu Helminen

Nickname: Raxu
Country: Finland - Role: Artist
FabrianoInAcquarello Leader

Creativity is a gift, bringing joy and magic to my life. Thankful for this gift I want to express and share my joy of life and love for nature through my paintings. In addition to traditional watercolour paintings I also create watercolour batik paintings on japanese rice paper, and paint on the synthetic "paper",(YUPO) with watercolours. Monoprints, linocuts and soft pastel are further media I use to express my creativity. I am constantly inspired by the wonders in our nature; the four seasons, forests and rocks, plant and animals, free flowing waters... On the other hand, ordinary everyday objects, especially abandoned or nostalgic ones, trigger my phantasy - resulting to artworks with a touch of fairytale and silent humour. I also like writing and see paintings as visual stories, the same way I see stories as verbal paintings. In both cases, it's all about expressing myself and learning more about this fascinating watercolour media, and about myself. I have a close and warm relationship with all my subjects and only paint what attracts me at the moment.

Joy of life through art - art through joy of life!

Solo and group exhibitions since 2013 in Finland and abroad (CV on website)

Country Leader for Finland at FabrianoInAcquarello since 2019.

The Treasure / Watercolour on Yupo

Same Tribe_ watercolour on Arches 300gsm_ 2020_ 38x56 cm. Painting selected for FabrianoInAcquarello 2020, will be exhibited in Fabriano 2021

Our trio_watercolour on Yupo_2019

Wild and free_Watercolour on Arches_2018_ 38x56 cm. Exhibited at IWS Biennale 2018 in Czech Republic, Prague,

Apple trees are blossoming now_watercolour batik on rice paper_2015

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