Lung Kai Wang

Nickname: Lung Kai
Country: Taiwan - Role: Country admin

Wang Lung Kai

The Republic of China (R.O.C)

National Taiwan University of Arts  MFA  

Curator ; Collector ; Agent

The Taiwan watercolor Association & Taiwan International Watercolor Socity  & Chinese Asia-Pacific Watercolor Association  Member

Fabiano In Watercolor  Taiwan Leader

Art & Decoration Service Co. Ltd.  CEO  

World masters Solo Exhibition & workshop  Founder

Returning Home by Lung-Kai Wang 78x55cm 2020.03

屹立, Lung Kai Wang, 76x56,2020

河中倒影the reflection of river, Lung Kai Wang, 56x78cm, 2020

Snow Mirror, Lung Kai Wang, 78x56cm, 2020

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